I was extremely frustrated and doubtful I could complete the dissertation process. Kevin is an excellent encourager and took the time to know me to find out what would motivate me to complete my work. I received edits from Kevin that I did not review because I wasn’t for sure if I wanted to keep writing. Kevin called to check in. I shared how I was feeling about completing the process. Kevin explained how completing my work would give voice to my research subjects and others like them. His words came back to my mind throughout the remainder of process. When obstacles came my way I reflected on Kevin’s words which made me press forward until my work was finished and I completed my final oral defense. I was able to complete my full dissertation and all University requirements in less than a year. ~Tamela

Dr. Hylton is a supportive, energizing, and knowledgable dissertation coach. Dr. Hylton and I worked together for a total of 13 months and during that time he provided guidance, tangible assignments, and constant feedback during every session. Before I started working with Dr. Hylton, I felt hopeless, lost, and considered quitting the process. Dr. Hylton restored my energy and passion to press forward and stay the course. Sometimes, I felt like I was Dr. Hylton's only client because he was always responsive and willing to work me into his schedule. Dr. Hylton exceeded my expectations of what I envisioned a dissertation coach and student relationship would encompass. If you are looking for a phenomenal dissertation coach- Dr. Hylton is amazing. ~Dr. Younger

Working with Kevin is perhaps one of the wisest things I did during grad school. My dissertation team is often overworked and have tremendous pressure to complete many projects before mine. Through working with Kevin, I was able to get the deep insight and careful analysis and feedback of my dissertation drafts that would have taken significantly more time if I had to wait for the feedback from my committee. Kevin is very familiar with the requirements of submitting a great dissertation and makes himself with the specific requirements for each school. His unique and thorough understanding of my dissertation subject matter was particularly helpful and facilitated my presenting it in a clearer, more powerful manner. Kevin kept me motivated and on track to stay the course with writing and editing so that I could meet my defense deadline for graduation. More importantly, throughout the course of our work together, Kevin inspired me to reach for greater professional goals and also provided fabulous insight into how to utilize my current work to advance my career within my field of study. People invest in fitness and other types of coaches all the time. As far as I’m concerned, completing my dissertation has been one of the hardest, most intense, and emotionally draining feats of my lifetime. If there is ever a time to invest in a coach, preparation and completing this once in a lifetime event feels like a sound investment. ~Lena, PsyD Candidate, San Francisco

“When Kevin and I began working together I was stuck. My dissertation chair was of little to no help. I was submitting revisions on my proposal every couple of weeks only to get it back with minimal feedback that was ambiguous at best. I know that I would not have this degree if it were not for him. He was often the calm in the storm, a safe place for me to vent my frustrations, and to be vulnerable enough to hear the constructive feedback I needed without feeling belittled.” ~Dr. Gina

“I was relieved to have someone with knowledge and experience to help guide me through my dissertation process. Kevin has been able to guide me throughout my entire process, including helping me to use the proper types of articles for my Literature Review, guiding me through IRB submissions, and helping me to develop my topic and topic write-up for university approval. The process of working through these processes has been tampered with the knowledge that I had an expert that was within reach to help explain the process.” ~Weston

“I was just overwhelmed - the project seemed much bigger than me. So procrastination kicked in then frustration and anxiety because l kept missing my own goals. By the time l spoke to Kevin l was convinced l couldn't do the project. But honestly the most amazing part was having a strong positive rock who kept me on track and just never panicked. Kevin would say, "calm down, you can do this, you've already come this far; let's break this down and go through it step by step." It was amazing to have someone give me credit for my effort and keep me positive.” ~Kimberly

“I worked with Dr. Kevin Hylton on my dissertation and I found him to be a very knowledgeable consultant. His help was very valuable in reaching my goal.” ~Dr. Woghiren

“Kevin Hylton, my dissertation coach, is amazing. First, he helped me to improve my writing and I actually began to enjoy the process. His feedback was timely and extremely accurate. He knows the process and what is required every step of the way. He even helped me navigate the personalities of my committee. I highly recommend this service if you want to stay motivated to finish or finish sooner, if you want to improve your skills and the final product, or if you just need someone to share the struggles and triumphs of the journey.” ~Joseph

“I came to the Dissertation Coach seeking assistance with my doctoral comprehensive exams. I was paired with Kevin Hylton and it was by far the smartest decision I could have made. I learned more from Kevin in two weeks than I learned throughout my entire doctorate process. His guidance, insight, and calming/non-judgmental voice ensured that I passed my comprehensive exams. I am looking forward to using Kevin throughout my dissertation journey. I am beyond grateful and cannot say enough compliments. You will not be disappointed using the Dissertation Coach’s services.” ~Anonymous Doctoral student

“Dr. Kevin Hylton has been such a pleasure to work with. Initially, I felt reserved given that I had never worked with a company like The Dissertation Coach. However, I quickly found that there was nothing to worry about; the services provided were well worth it. Dr. Hylton is extremely patient and knowledgeable about research and research methodology. He never comes across as judgmental or disinterested, but instead appears to possess a genuine interest in one’s success and emotional well-being. He is very encouraging and his feedback is easy to understand and follow. Dr. Hylton has been able to meet me where I was at every stage throughout the dissertation process. My only regret is that I wish I had found him sooner. Needless to say, I am glad I found him when I did.” ~Tonya

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