Real-life support to help you navigate the obstacles writing a dissertation.


Are you afraid to admit that, despite being a Ph.D. candidate, you don’t know what to do to maybe even start or complete your dissertation? You might even be wondering how could you have made it this far and not know what you should be doing?


You thought your chair and committee members would guide you step-by-step through the entire dissertation process. Unfortunately, they are often slow to respond with feedback and when they do offer feedback it’s specific enough to be of any real value.


All of this has left you feeling lonely and isolated. You wish you had the focus and motivation to just write, but you just don’t feel like doing anything. You find yourself doing everything except working on your dissertation. 


So you continue to feel lost and uncertain and you wonder: will I ever finish this Ph.D.? You hate feeling so lost and uncertain about what to with the different chapters in your dissertation. 


And you just want to figure this out.


Imagine having guidance and support that helps you with your dissertation proposal. 


How would it feel to feel more confident knowing what you need to do and what approach you should take while writing your dissertation or to get the guidance and support you need while working on your dissertation and move in the direction of completing your dissertation and defending it?

You can do this. I can help.

I work with Ph.D. candidates to help them write, then defend their proposal and dissertation. I can work with you to guide you through the dissertation process, with the ultimate goal of helping you to feel more confident about your research topic or approach to move in the direction of completing your proposal and defending it.

At the Dissertation Retreat, I offer focused instructional guidance through virtual or in person retreats with other Ph.D. candidates. These retreat include specific guidance on how to navigate some of the issues and challenges related to writing your dissertation. 


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